Friday, November 25, 2011

How to Roast a Pig - Part 5

Your pig has rested, so have you, and now the big moment is here.  You get to serve your creation to your anxiously awaiting guests. 

There is a couple of ways you can go about serving your pork.  First, you can start chopping and pulling the meat, or you can serve it whole and let your guests pick what parts they want directly off the pig.
I chose to do it both ways.  Half was cut, chopped and pulled and placed in foil warming trays and served.  The other half was left whole and was available for picking.

In each instance, simply cut the skin and peel it back to reveal the meat below.  If you are chopping, and pulling, mix all the meat together.  You are going to have light and dark meats that when combined will create a great flavor.  You can also “chop the brown”, or the skin and incorporate this as well.  If your guests are picking simply provide tongs, or forks and let them go at it.  

Unless you are planning on cutting directly on a large table, or chopping block, it helps to have some large cutting boards.  Use a large chefs knife, or meat cleaver to help you chop.  Also, bear claws work great for pulling.  I mention some useful tools in the Getting Started page that I will continually update.

Of course you have to provide some sauce.  I made three different sauces (Mustard Sauce, Smokey BBQ, and a Vinegar Sauce).  I have placed the recipes for each on the Recipe page.

I received a piece of advice from an award winning pitmaster that I would like to pass along. 

Remember that you are putting on a show.  If it doesn’t turn out perfect don’t worry about it.  Your guests will think it tastes great.  You could serve the same meat the following week, and the same people may not like it.

If you think the meat became a little dry you can either pour some juice on it and put it back on the grill for a few minutes, or mix it in some sauce.

Be Flexible
Unfortunately, things may not always go as planned.  Instead of stressing over it be flexible.  Since your team will be there, all of you will be able to put your heads together and come up with a solution to whatever problem you may be having. 

Pig Out
You put in a long day so definitely make sure you take the time to enjoy your pork masterpiece. 

If you have any new tricks, or tips you incorporated into your pig roast I would be interested in hearing about them.  I would, also, love to hear how the event turned out. Please feel free to email me at