Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kicking RSS: Web Syndication and How to Subscribe to Blogs and Web Feeds

I am going to take a quick break from barbecue to address a question that has recently been asked of me; “How do I subscribe to your blog?”

I am not going to get too technical, or overcomplicate this issue, but rather I will try and keep it simple.  After all, RSS does stand for Really Simple Syndication.  RSS is one of the major types of feeds used for syndicating blogs and news feeds.  The other is Atom.

RSS and Atom feeds are formats used to publish frequently updated works in a standardized format.  Both of these formats benefit publishers by letting them syndicate, or simultaneously publish, content automatically in a file format that allows the information to be published once, and viewed by many different programs.

Software is needed, though, in order to read this content.  A RSS reader or feed reader is needed.  This reader will regularly check the subscribed feed’s content and download any new updates.  This allows you to avoid having to check the website, manually, for new content.

If you would like to subscribe and receive updates automatically from Caught Smokin’ BBQ there are two options available to you.  First, you can subscribe using a reader of your choice (subscribe using a reader here). 

Second, you can subscribe via email and receive updates delivered directly to your email (subscribe by email here). 

The individual links are at the bottom of the Caught Smokin’ BBQ homepage.  Look for the orange RSS icon.

There are thousands of different readers, including mobile applications.  Many of which are free.  A couple of the most popular are provided by Yahoo and Google.  If you have a Yahoo or Google account subscribing is pretty simple. 

Subscribing through Google will give you the option to add subscription updates to your Google Homepage, or through Google Reader.  Google Reader can be accessed through your Account Settings or opened through Gmail. 

If “My Yahoo” is selected, regular updates will be added to you’re, My Yahoo, homepage.

If you are like me though and don’t have a Yahoo or Google homepage set up and just want updates sent to your email, then there is a couple of nice options available to you.  Of course, as mentioned before, you have this option available to you directly on the Caught Smokin’ BBQ homepage.  However, if you would like to subscribe to additional content from others sites I will show you how you can receive updates via email.

First, if you do have a Yahoo email address you can visit and select Feed/Blog.  Simply enter the URL of the site’s feed ( in our case), select how often you would like to receive updates and then if you want to receive updates through your Yahoo email account, Yahoo messenger, or your mobile device.

If you do not have a Yahoo email account, don’t worry there is another service that will provide you updates through  Simply enter the website name or feed address, respond to the confirmation email and you will receive updates in the email address you provided once every 24 hours, if an update is available.

If you have any questions, or if I have thoroughly confused you, please feel free to contact me at and I will answer all your questions.